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This is the gym, that I train at. Very handy. Located at the airport exit. Fantastic gym. Come check it out!
130 Christel Lane, Fletcher NC 28732

(828) 230-1564    leethalbodies@gmail.com
Reshape Your Life
With Your Body
How has working out,  reshaped my life? I have worked out for 26 years. 10 years ago, I went through a divorce.  Both my kids, left for college. It was a hard time, in my life! So I started using the gym, as therapy. It gave me a piece of mind, while I was working out. It began to give me the strength and confidence, to start living a new way of life. It was time for me. Raising a family and keeping a home, was all I had been doing for twenty years...... and going to the gym. 

People often asked me if I was a personal trainer, or if I competed in the sport of bodybuilding. I guess it took a brick, to hit me in the head, to see where my life needed to go. 
So I started studying, and got my certification in personal training and nutrition. Not only do I love it, but I live it. It was putting myself and my self worth as a priority. 

Then, I got started in competing. I called it,  my mid-life crisis. It is now a lifestyle for me. I would love to empower you,  the same strength!
I am a Nesta Certified Personal Trainer, and have been a personal trainer for 9 years. But, I feel that just being in the gym for 25 years, has taught me more. Real experience. I will never ask you to do anything, that i haven't done myself!

I am a certified Nutrition Coach. I felt this was a certification I had to have! We really are, what we eat. 

My other certifications are, a Pilates and TRX instructor.

I have enter 20 figure competitions. These  include International and National levels. And have been lucky enough, to bring home 25 trophies.
First, and only bodybuilding competition. Got 4th place. 2007. This was the start of a real passion in my life!
Special thanks, to Lisa Brewer Photography, for the great shots. Got 2nd in Open figure class, and 3rd in masters .
My first, 1st place trophy. Also, got a 1st in the Tall Open group! As you can see, I was having a good day!
Nervous, and warming up backstage.  Carolina Classic in Charlotte. Two 1st places!
Atlanta 2009 WBFC. Got a 2nd and 3rd.
 I have featured some of my favorite shots, on the website, from two of my favorite photo professionals. Please look them up.  It is a great idea to get some shots done, when you are at the top of your game. 

Carolina Supernatural 2009 1st & 2nd
NPC Victory In The Valley! Mainstage Muscle 2010. 
Two 1st Places!!! One First Place in Open Tall Figure & First in Masters Figure! 6/26/10
Nov. 6th 2010 NPC Elite Muscle Classic- 1st in Masters & 2nd in Open C class. 
NPC NC State Championships 4/16/2011
 Overall Win!

5/14/2011 Mainstage Muscle competition Victory In The Valley. 1st in Open Class C, 1st in Masters, & another Overall Win in Masters!!!
My 1st International Competition.  March 2012 The Arnold Sports Festival  
Made the top 10 in my first National Competition July 2012- I'll take that for my first  national competition!
Second competition 2008 at Renfit. Brought me, a 2nd & 3rd
Of Course you knew, my sister would be with me at the Arnold. Couldn't compete without her!
Kentucky Muscle 2009 got 3rd
WBFC Atlanta 2008 2nd & 3rd
25 Bodybuilding and Figure Competition Titles
I have the needed certifications to empower you, with the knowledge to be healthy and strong. But more importantly, I have the experience of a Figure Competitor. Competing has taught me how my body works, to the best of its ability. Whether you want to loose a few pounds, learn you way around a weight room, clean up your meal plan, or want to compete Let me share my knowledge and experience with you!
Certifications are needed, but trophies say, "you live it!" I like to share, what weight training, has done for me. I started competing 10 years ago at the age of 44. Yes I was a late bloomer, but I did alright for a "old lady" in the sport. 25 trophies later, I am wondering, if I have one more competition in me?

Last year at 52, I was able to still bring home 2 first place trophies in "my age group", and still getting a trophy in the open class. Which, is against 20 years old and up. Felt better, then the 1st in my own age group :)
All Overall Winners 5/14/11
Nationals 2012 
April 2014 Still bringing home 1st :)
Charlotte Cup 2014 1st in Masters & 5th Open
​I wasn't what they were looking for @ the Arnold. The girl to the right of me, did place.
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