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Where do I even begin to tell you what Lee Lance has done for me? I am 60 years old (can that still be considered middle age?) and have been active most of my life.I am a tennis player, I take pilates and have done yoga off and on as well as weight training. I have worked with many trainers throughout the years and none of them compare to Lee.
Lee always arrives with a smile on her face and a true desire to train me to the best of her ability. This is a trainer who actually does the exercises with you. But the must remarkable thing is that she never does the same workout twice. We work with machines, free weights, bands and resistance using our own body weight. And most of this is done to the best music ever!
How much more inspiration could one possible need than having a trainer who looks the way Lee does and cares so very deeply about helping her clients. She lives the lifestyle she teaches. What more could you possibly ask for? I will return to NC again next summer and I look forwared to picking up where we left off.

I have been working with Lee for almost a year now and feel the best I have in years. Though I am getting older I refuse to give in to  the "square" figure so many women get after 40.You know exactly what I mean!!! We see them every day(maybe even in the mirror??). I have tried many times to get on a schedule of workout, but Lee makes it fun and gives the encouragement needed not to give up.

A  thanks to all my clients and friends. Not only do I love what I do, but I love getting to know each and every one of you. The time we get to spend together competing or training, is always a pleasure for me. Thanks for sharing your lives with me, and trusting in my guidance. I think of each of you, as a new friend!!
I special thanks to my sister Lyn, for being my biggest fan. I thank you for all your support and love. 
Stay Strong, Lee Lance
If at first you don't succeed, try try again!
I have trained by myself and with many trainers in my life.  But, when I set the date for my wedding, I knew I needed real results!  I saw Lee training in the gym and thought, “I want to look like her.”  Under her careful guidance, I was able to lose those last stubborn 10 pounds and tone up for my wedding.  She kept each workout fun and intense and I was so happy with my results!  I would recommend her to any woman wanting to look their best!

-          Ilana Alberico 

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 Details of the Recommendation: "Lee is an incredible trainer! She knows how to get results and keep you on track to accomplishing your goals. She walks the talk and her devotion to fitness is highly motivating. Lee is extremely dependable and attentive and truly cares about her clients. I highly recommend Lee for support and impressive results!" 
Service Category: Personal Trainer
Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Signed, Sunny Griffis
Leethal Bodies Team brought home 11 trophies from the Victory in the Valley!! That is a team to be proud of!
The Leethal Ladies Ruled, at Victory in the Valley, this year! All brought home trophies! They trained hard, and practiced that posing for months! It paid off today! Nice job ladies! You continue to make me proud! I brought home my first overall trophy and 2 first place trophies :) Don't a bad day!
Look at all their posing! Want to learn how?
So proud of all my Leethal Ladies!
Check out those poses! I have always said, "you can have a bangin body, but if you can't sell it, they ain't buying it !  Come and learn how to show off all your hard work!
All my amazing Leethal Ladies
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