Reshape Your Life Starting With Your Body

Words, with so much meaning. You have the control, to reshape your lives, starting with your health.

When you make your body a priority, all facets of your life are positively effected.

Having a healthy lifestyle, give us  so much strength and confidence, that will open all kinds of doors in your life!

Let me show you how working out & eating right,  can reshape your life.

No matter what part of your life is giving you problems, this is a great step in the right direction.

Feel better, and look better with a personal trainer.

It has changed my life!  See what it can do, for you! (828)230-1564    
Leethal Bodies Personal Training

There are so many ways, to get in shape. Find what works for you.

It is always is best, to do a variety of activities.

Incorporate weight training, spinning, yoga, pilates, kickboxing, or cardio equipment.

Learn what will fuel your body, so your body's metabolism is burning all day long.

A personal trainer can help you find, what works for you.

  • Be an inspiration,  for your family & friends.
  • Strong muscles help keep bones & joints stronger
  • Skin, hair, nails, & organs function stronger
  • Help fight bad blood pressure & cholesterol
  • Aids in  fighting off all kinds of diseases & sickness
  • Gives you great confidence & strength, in every aspect of your lives.
  • Help to let go the days stress
  • Burns more calories, then just doing cardio
  • 1 pound of muscle, burns 50 more calories a day
  • ​Gives you a tone, strong, healthy body, that screams " I'm Leethal!"
Hi, Get To Know Me. My name is Lee Lance, and I want to be your Personal Trainer!
Change Your Life With a Personal Trainer!  
It will be the best move, 
you make this year!
Tired of working out, without seeing results? Let me be your personal trainer, and show you how to change that!
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Jay Cutler
Cedric McMillan
​Have had the pleasure of meeting, the famous, Lee Haney
National Champion & head NPC North Carolina Judge Mike Valentino. 
 Arnold Schwarzenegger, at his statue dedication.  I  was competing in my first International Competition. The Arnold Sports Festival March 3rd 2012
8X Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray & myself, celebrating that we were turning 50 years old!
The X Man IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Toney Freeman 
WBFF World Pro Champion Figure Model Monica Brant
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Need a personal trainer in the Asheville, Arden, or Hendersonville area? Call Leethal Body Personal Training (828)230-1564
I have had a passion, for weight training, for so many years! Once I started to see the results from weight training, I was hooked! I wanted to learn, all I could, about it! Who better to learn from, then the Pros! These are some of the Pros, I have been lucky enough to meet, on my journey. I have learned a lot, by watching, studying, meeting, and competing against, some of the best in the business. Let me share, this life changing knowledge, and be your personal trainer! No matter what stage of physical fitness you are at or what your goals are, weight training is your answer!
I know that everyone doesn't want to become a bodybuilder, or compete. But my background does give me the knowledge, to give you body "you" want, through weight training. I'll give you the nutrition plan and weight training exercises, that work for you and your needs. 
This is where the passion I have for my job, has taken me.  

I want to help you find your passion for physical fitness, and see where what it can take you!

Reshape Your Life Starting With Your Body

A Personal Trainer can help you with that!!
Why try weight training?
* The Body Shop Fitness Centers

This is the gym, that I train at. Very handy. Located at the airport exit. Fantastic gym.

130 Christel Lane, Fletcher NC 28732